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July 2018

WEEK 4 DAY 4 GOSD 2018

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Today’s the 25th day and midpoint of the 2018 GOSD. Time is flying by for everyone except our overall leader Steve Lombardi whose 31.18 lb. Chinook has been the heaviest entry since day 1 of the Derby. LLLLLLong summer isn’t it Steve!
Wow, that was close today wasn’t it Rob.
Reports from the east were poor today with most entries coming from a few weigh-in stations. Cold water seems to be our enemy again but never fear southerly breezes are forecasted in the near future.
I had plans for a few random checks today but the stations I chose didn’t have any entries. I hope tomorrow I can get my hands dirty.

Best Location: Port Credit & Bluffers
Best Lure: Spoons

WEEK 4 DAY 3 GOSD 2018

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Water Temperatures in the mid to western basin have cooled slightly, however, a light east breeze today and expected light east wind tomorrow could change things.
We still had an abundance of matures from 24- 26 lbs. show up at weigh stations today causing a real logjam on the Raymarine Daily Updates board, you’ll notice 4 changes from last nights top 10.
If you happen to weigh-in a Chinook that becomes the weekly leader, bag it, make sure the weigh station keeps your salmon and ask them to put your name on the bag.

Best Location: Port Credit, Bluffers, Hamilton
Best Lure: Flasher/ Meat, Spoons

WEEK 4 DAY 2 GOSD 2018

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Congratulations to last weeks RAPALA Angler of the Week Kimberly Short.
Francis Halupa was last weeks Berkley Trilene Big Game Winner who was selected from all our online ticket purchasers.

The GOSD would like to thank decade-long sponsors PLANO, LUCKY STRIKE, IGLOO, PENN AND SUFIX for their continued support of this great 50 day Ontario fishing event. As well we welcome our four new 2018 sponsors DAS KING, COSTA, the ONTARIO SPORTFISHING GUIDES ASSOCIATION and of course ISLANDER for their major contribution.

We just want to put to rest any rumors or uncertainties regarding our current leader’s 27.62 lb. salmon weighed in at Whitby yesterday. Yes, the Whitby Pen Project Tournament was on yesterday and yes the winner of that Tournament won with a fish of similar weight. NO, it was NOT the same chinook. We had a conversation with Rob Carnie who has been successfully fishing the GOSD for years. Rob is very aware of the rule that states ANY SALMON WEIGHED INTO THE GOSD MAY NOT BE ENTERED INTO ANY OTHER DERBY OR TOURNAMENT. Rob wasn’t even a contestant in the Whitby event.

We may not be seeing the heaviest of Chinooks this year, but we are seeing competing entries from most of our 10 weigh-in stations. As we speak the Raymarine Top 10 leaderboard has fish from 6 different locations on the north shore.

Best Location: Pickering
Best Lure: Flasher/Fly

WEEK 4 DAY 1 GOSD 2018

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A nice start to Week 4 with a couple of 27 lb. plus  Kings gracing the GOSD scales.
Rob Carnie who was the Week 1 winner in 2015 has his name on one of those giants today weighed in at Whitby. The best bite was between Cobourg and the Credit where the other 27 pounder was weighed in by Scott Cadman.
I met with an excited and deservingly so Chris Griffith today at Peter’s Tackle in St. Catherines. His ticket and partners tickets were confirmed and his male Chinook was examined. Congratulations Chris you have won $10,000 and have earned an invitation to the Islander Championship Shootout September 15th.
I decided to make an unexpected visit to Bronte on my way home late this morning to do a few internal exams but Bronte hadn’t had a weigh-in yet.

Best Location: Whitby and Port Credit
Best Lure: Flasher/Fly

WEEK 3 DAY 7 GOSD 2018

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What a week it turned out to be.
We couldn’t fill the Raymarine Daily Updates board all last weekend because of mother nature’s strong South easterlies but for the balance of Week 3 of the GOSD, it’s been multiple entries from most weigh-in stations.
Congratulations to Chris Griffith who’s 30.90 lb. King entered at St. Catherines is our UNOFFICIAL winner of Week 3.
A confirmation of Chris’s ticket and anyone who was fishing with him will be followed by an internal check of his Chinook tomorrow.

Best Location: Bluffer’s
Best Lure: Flasher/Fly

WEEK 3 DAY 6 GOSD 2018

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As you might have already heard we have been conducting random internal examinations of salmon entered into this years GOSD regardless of its position on the Raymarine top 10 update board. You may be required to leave your Chinook with the weigh station for the balance of the day. We ask that you PLEASE  pick up your fish from the weigh-in station after your entry has been checked within a reasonable length of time.
This practice is being done to protect all of our ticket purchasers from any fraudulent activity. If we feel the weight of your entry has been altered by the addition of anything including excessive liquid we will require the angler to complete a polygraph test.

Wow… the leaderboard has certainly changed the last couple of days. Another great day along the north shore with our new weekly leader being weighed in at Peter’s Tackle in St. Catherines. Have a restful sleep tonight Chris!

Best Location: St.Catharines
Best Lure: Meat

WEEK 3 DAY 5 GOSD 2018

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*We are missing results from the Port of Newcastle Marina tonight*

To all of our anglers who entered Chinooks that should have been posted on last nights RAYMARINE Daily Updates board and unfortunately didn’t, we apologize.
I feel your pain and as a past competitive angler in the GOSD, I realize the time, effort and commitment it takes to be among the Top 10 at any time during the Derby.
Our team is available EVERY night for 50 days straight to receive, sort out and post the daily results. Please understand this event covers most of the north shore of Lake Ontario and we rely on ALL 10 of our weigh-in stations to send us accurate, legible results every evening. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. A fax machine failure and forgetfulness caused last nights problems. Believe me, it’s as frustrating for us as it is for you as deserving anglers.

From now on if you weigh in a Top 10 qualifying salmon that doesn’t appear on the updated RAYMARINE Daily Updates Board after the greatontariosalmonderby website has been updated, please take a legible picture of the receipt you received when you weighed in your Salmon and send it to us at gosd@sportshows.ca. Make sure your NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER, WEIGHT OF THE SALMON AND WHAT WEIGH-IN STATION YOU USED IS LEGIBLE. We will verify your catch the next morning as soon as the weigh-in station opens and update the Top 10 board.
We may have had to endure a few days of SE wind but there’s been a drastic improvement in the number of Chinooks being caught. Many entries from most stations today have finally filled our leaderboard. A host of names from seasoned salmon anglers have started to find a place on the Raymarine leaderboard.

Best Location: Brighton-Port Credit
Best Lure: Twinky Rigs and Meat

WEEK 3 DAY 4 GOSD 2018

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The persistent SE winds continued today but for the most, we only experienced a light chop and it was pleasant and cooler than on shore. I had the opportunity to be on the water for part of the day between the eastern gap and the filtration plant. We ended up with 15 hits, releasing 5 mature Chinooks all coming on Flasher/fly and Flasher/Meat on wire and riggers down 100-120.
The drop off out to 250’ produced hits with good individual marks and scattered bait.
We have not heard from several weigh-in stations tonight.

Best Location: St.Catharines
Best Lure: Flashers with Meat or Flies

WEEK 3 DAY 3 GOSD 2018

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Still pretty lumpy on the big pond with a few anglers still braving the seas. Four more competitors were rewarded with spots on the Raymarine Daily Updates board but I don’t know if any of the six will be able to hang on to their ranking when the 3rd Week of the GOSD ends Friday at 8pm.
20 of the 70 invitees to the Islander Shootout Saturday, September 15th.have been confirmed.

The heaviest 4 Chinooks entered at the Shootout will share in the $5,000.
All 70 of our winners will be entered in a draw for 3 valuable prizes.
You must be present to win any of the draw prizes.

The latest and greatest  RAYMARINE 9” Axiom multifunction display
The ISLANDER Premier series rod and 1 TR3 Reel.
& the 9.9 MERCURY 4 stroke outboard.

Best Location: Bluffers & Port Credit
Best Lure: Mixed