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Happy New Year!

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I just wanted to wish all the Great Ontario Salmon Derby enthusiasts a Happy New Year.

I hope Santa brought you all the flashers, flies and spoons that were on your list.

The count down has started to the 23rd GOSD that will start on Saturday June 29th.   We wanted include the July 1st long weekend as part of the first week of the Derby, hopefully some of us will get that extra day on the pond to try and secure a spot on the Raymarine Top 10 Leaderboard

Also from June 29 to July 7, 2019 is license free fishing week in Ontario and it will give new salmon trollers the opportunity to experience this exciting sport fishing.

If you’re a novice the best way to be introduced to salmon fishing is on a Charter boat. Make sure the Charter you choose has a Great Ontario Salmon Derby ticket. If the Charter you hire has registered with the Derby all its clients are eligible to win any of the $270,000 in cash and prizes that are available.

Great news for our Eastern Ontario participants, Bill Cunnell and Rhonda Turk from Wellers Bay Campground will be hosting our most easterly weigh-in station in 2019. Boat launching and docking will be available at their weigh-in station. Our other 9  fantastic weigh-in stations will remain the same as last year.

I’m afraid you’re going to hear this in repetition over the course of the year but I hope it will help ensure that we can get the proper top 10 leaders on our leader board in a correct and timely fashion each night. I know how difficult it is to make the leaderboard and we want to make sure you get the credit you deserve when your entry is top 10 worthy.

NEW for 2019

1) Make sure at the weigh-in station that you complete all the required information on the entry form and its LEGIBLE.

2) Make sure you leave the weigh-in station with your completed LEGIBLE copy of your entry form and KEEP IT. (The weigh-in station will also keep a copy)

3)  With your cell phone take a photograph of your LEGIBLE completed entry form.

4)  After the Raymarine leader board is updated at the end of each fishing day if your  entry isn’t posted on the leader board and your entry is heavier than the 10 place           salmon, send a LEGIBLE photograph of your entry form to gosd@sportshows.ca so we can verify your entry and correct the leaderboar

Charter Boat Ticket/ Boat Ticket

We‘ve had many requests over the last few years regarding a ticket that covers all  persons on vessels for the duration of the GOSD that are not classified as charters for hire. To clear up any misconceptions you may purchase a Charter Boat /Boat ticket at the SAME price as a Charter Boat . However you may NOT request a listing on the GOSD Charter Boat page unless you are a member of the OSGA or have a business number proving you are a Charter for hire.

By now I’m sure you’re saying enough…where’s the prize list for 2019.

Sorry we’re still in conversation with several new and exciting partners and we  aren’t quite ready to make it public yet. We can tell you that a great majority of our amazing 2018 sponsors are once again supporting this incredible summer salmon fishing event .



Bill Barootes
Derby Manager


WEEK 7 DAY 8 GOSD 2018

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Steve, I guess there isn’t too much more to say other than I hope you like the colour silver. That’s the colour of the 2018 TOYOTA 4RUNNER that you’ll be driving away from the GOSD Awards at JC. Saddington Park on Saturday, September 15th.
You will, however, have to purchase a car seat for 7lb. 12oz. Matteo Joseph who landed at the Lombardi household August 11th.
Somehow I think he ’ll be able to afford one, smart Steve purchased a SUPER Ticket and 50% of the Super ticket jackpot $17,880 ($8,940) will be presented to him on Awards Day. Congratulations Steve!

It’s also a big day for Will Sampson our UNOFFICIAL Winner of the 7th and final week of the 2018 GOSD. Will’s 30.08 lb. Chinook inhaled a gold /silver flasher with meat off the Leslie Street spit on his fathers Charter boat DETOUR. Father Don is also going to cash in as the UNOFFICIAL winner of the Charter Boat division of the Derby.

Unofficial SUPER Ticket results:
1 st place    31.18  lbs.        Steve Lombardi             $8940.00
2nd place   28.68 lbs.        Reid Robertson             $5364.00
3rd place    28.48 lbs.        Tony Bolger                   $3576.00

Unofficial Charter/Boat Ticket results:
1st place     30.08 lbs.    Detour Fishing Charters.       Don Sampson       $3000.00
2nd place   29.84 lbs.    Dutchies Sportfishing            Kyle Vanderlinde  $2000.00
3rd place    29.12 lbs.     We Pound Em Sportfishing   Ryan Hare.            $1000.00

Congratulations to the 70 2018 GOSD Winners.
Whether you’ve won or not we truly hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Derby. On behalf of the entire GOSD team, we thank you for participating in this year’s event and we hope to see not only our winners but all our ticket holders on Awards Day.

Not one of the Top 70…bring your 2018 Derby ticket to Awards Day for the
Das King Kayak Draw. Retail value $3299.

WEEK 7 DAY 7 GOSD 2018

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*We are missing reports from Brighton and Bronte Outer Harbour*

I honestly can’t believe we’re down to the last 24 hours of the 2018 GOSD and it’s just been a bit too quiet the last day or so…I just have this premonition something big is going to happen tomorrow.

Our overall leader Steve Lombardi (31.18 lbs.) and Weekly leader Will Sampson
(30.08 lbs.) were fortunate today when a report and picture of a mammoth 33 lb. salmon started circulating. Rumour is the giant Chinook was caught near one of our easterly weigh-in locations. The Charter it was landed on forgot one small detail, It didn’t have a GOSD ticket so Steve and Will still hold on to their respective positions for now.

On behalf of Siera and our Derby team, we would like to thank all our 2018 weigh-in stations for participating in this year’s event! As you know I have included many random internal fish checks this year and the cooperation from ALL the staff at every location has been remarkable. Thank you

Best Location: Wherever that picture came from
Best Lure: Difficult to find out, my French isn’t very good.

WEEK 7 DAY 6 GOSD 2018

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*Important please note: that FRIDAY & SATURDAY the last days of the 2018 GOSD if you happen to weigh in a salmon at any of our 10 weigh-in stations and it becomes *

Please contact us at gosd@sportshows.ca or ask the weigh-in station attendant to
call my cell BEFORE you leave the weigh-in station.

3) *NEW (great practice for next years Derby)
If you weigh-in a salmon and it’s heavier than the 10th place fish on the Raymarine
Daily Updates board you always receive a receipt. Check that ALL the
In the event that the Marina/weigh-in station loses, destroys or fails to report your
Top 10 worthy Chinook all you have to do is send the picture of your receipt to us
and we will verify your catch.

Everyone seems to happy that the GOSD adds on an extra day the 7th week of the Derby to make it a 50-day event. Funny isn’t it, our Great Grand Prize leader Steve Lombardi and Weekly leader Will Sampson told me they aren’t too thrilled about it!

Best Location: Bayliner Point & Bronte
Best Lure: Flasher/Fly, Meat

WEEK 7 DAY 5 GOSD 2018

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Yesterday’s heavy rains have drawn deep water matures into staging areas.
Although it was lumpy reports are that it was worth it. Chinooks were staged up in front of the Credit this morning and later today off the Spit.

The successful father and son team of Don and Will Sampson aboard their Charter boat Detour landed the new Week 7 leader early this evening. Detour is also a GOSD Charter Boat ticket holder and is now leading the Charter boat division as well.
Something tells me the 2018 GOSD is far from over!

Make sure everyone on your vessel has a ticket. DAILY tickets are available online

I remember 3 luck changing things that I used to do when it came to this point in the Derby and I hadn’t made the board…by the way, that was most of the time.
1) I predominately took salmon sandwiches so I switched to ham.
2) that lucky hat and shirt, I changed them.
3) I always wore rather old running shoes so that I wouldn’t worry about getting them
slimy with a big King thrashing on the floor of my boat. I Put on a brand new pair.

Best Location: Spit and Credit river mouth
Best Lure: Flasher/Meat

WEEK 7 DAY 4 GOSD 2018

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I will be investigating further and I’m sure I’ll find out that our Derby leader Steve Lombardi is related to Mother Nature. I bet he was smiling like a cat that just caught a canary today.
Heavy rain, thunderstorms and brisk south easterlies made for complete washout today.

There are still 4 full days of Chinook chasing to go and with three 28 plus pound salmon already weighed in this week the TOYOTA 4RUNNER, the $10,000 weekly and 3 portions of the $17,880 SUPER TICKET are still within reach.

Best Location: In bed
Best Lure: Umbrella

WEEK 7 DAY 3 GOSD 2018

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It’s hard to believe that the summer of 2018 is starting to leave us. Daylight hours are noticeably shorter and we have only 5 full fishing days left in the Derby to try and land that GOSD worthy Chinook.
Although our salmon have been significantly lighter this season it’s been one of the most competitive years that we’ve seen. The difference between 1st place and 10th place for example Week 4 of the Derby was 1.18 lbs. Last week we had 21 RAYMARINE Daily Updates board changes.
We’ve had winners spread across the north shore this year with every port having big fish at their doorstep sometime during the 50 days of the GOSD.

As the last week of the 22nd GOSD continues we really would like to thank each and every one of our sponsors for their support. Your generosity has been instrumental in the $270,000 in cash and premium prizes that have been made available to our winners. We are truly fortunate to have your support with this great annual Ontario fishing Derby.

Best Location: Bronte & Bluffers
Best Lure: Flasher/ Fly

WEEK 7 DAY 2 GOSD 2018

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I must admit I’m not the biggest proponent of fishing in an east wind especially from mid-Lake Ontario and into the western basin. When boat control is a problem it usually equals difficulties in presenting baits properly. As a result, significantly fewer entries were recorded from Whitby to St.Catherines.

Time is becoming a factor for any vessels that have a 2018 Charter boat ticket
and are hoping to cash in. As it stands now DUTCHIES SPORTFISHING has the heaviest entry at 29.84 lbs. followed by WE POUND’EM SPORTFISHING 29.12 lbs. and GREAT BLUE SPORTFISHING could earn $1,000 with their 28.54 lb. entry.

We would like to clear up any misconceptions regarding the GOSD Awards Day at JC Saddington Park in Port Credit on September 15th. The event is more than the 70 winners picking up cash and prizes. The event is a celebration and closing of the 2018 GOSD for the Lake Ontario salmon fishing community. We want you to be part of it and if you’ve purchased any kind of a GOSD ticket this year come and join us for a complimentary slice of Pizza Pizza and a beverage. If you haven’t done as well as you had hoped this year most of the anglers are very approachable and you may pick up on something that could help you achieve loftier goals next year.
The ISLANDER Championship Shootout will take place before the awards and ISLANDER will have a fish fighting simulator at the awards for you to try their premier single action rod and reel.

If you are NOT one of the 70 2018 GOSD Winners and are planning to attend the awards please
bring your 2018 GOSD ticket or receipt with you to the awards as we will be drawing a name from the non-winners only for a DAS KING NAUTILUS 2 kayak.
that includes a 36 lb. thrust electric motor. Retail value $3,299.
Visit  www.das-king.com/kayaks-paddleboards/kayaks/  for more details
You must be present when the draw takes place to claim your prize.

Best Location: Newcastle
Best Lure: Multiple choices…warm water J-plugs and Lyman’s

WEEK 7 DAY 1 GOSD 2018

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Better get out there, multiple entries from most ports with widespread rumours of chewed off bait heads hooks and disappearing flies. Don’t discount very shallow water especially early and late in the day as several matures were landed in less than 40 feet. A RAPALA J13 took a beauty today.

They must have heard me talking about the poor success that was coming out of Bronte this year as it was definitely the hot spot today.
We now have 60 of our top 70 for the 2018 ISLANDER CHAMPIONSHIP SHOOTOUT that will take place at the Credit Village Marina on Saturday, September 15th. Followed by Pizza Pizza, Beverages from Molson and the GOSD Awards.

We will be announcing an awesome draw prize that will be presented to a GOSD ticket holder who has NOT been fortunate enough to be in the top 70. To qualify you’ll have to bring your 2018 GOSD ticket to the awards day to enter the draw. You will have to be present to WIN.

Several GOSD Chinook entries went under the knife today as random checks continue.
Several that I checked were loaded with partially digested bait fish, take the hint the bait was small.

Best Location: Bronte
Best Lure: MC Rocket and flies

WEEK 6 DAY 7 GOSD 2018

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Rough seas and the constant threat of thunderstorms kept anglers either onshore or watching the sky.
Chris Curry called me with an interesting story today. Chris is a hard-working member of the Metro East Anglers Association and is the big cheese when it comes to the very important Bluffers pen project.
He was aboard the SURE THING SPORTFISHING  Charter today helping captain Vito Cirone with a group of guys that were visiting from Chicago and attending a bachelor event. The group landed an honest 27 lb. Chinook but were insistent on releasing all their fish including what would have been a 6th-week prize winner.

Looks like the $10,000…Sorry Parker, CANADIAN $ from Week 6 of the GOSD is going South of the border in the pocket of 14-year-old Parker Knowlton who’s originally from Santa Barbara California but now resides in Virginia. Parker and his family will be making a stop on his way home to fish for walleye in Lake Erie.
I wonder if there’s any tournament money he can win there… tariff-free!

Best Location: Bronte
Best Lure: Meat