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  • The Great Ontario Salmon Derby is a property of the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show, which
    in turn is wholly owned by the Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows (CNSS), a Not-For-
    Profit entity federally chartered in 1948.
  • No executive or employee of CNSS, now or in the past, has ever owned any part of CNSS.
  • The mission of the Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows is to conserve Canada’s
    outdoors and to instill in Canadian youth an appreciation for nature and outdoor
  • Since CNSS’s inception in 1948, $32 million has been committed across Canada to
    projects and campaigns, which locally include Lake Ontario river cleanups, spawning
    bed rehabilitation and Chinook pen projects. In 2007-2011 the Ontario government
    stopped providing funding for the raising of Chinook at Ringwood Hatchery. CNSS
    committed $250,000 over a five- year period, and with the generous commitment of
    time from the Metro East Anglers Association along with some worthy sponsors,
    ensured that the stocking program on the north shore of Lake Ontario was never
  • There exists a misconception that the GOSD produces enormous profits. This
    simply is not true. The large number of participants in the derby does not relate
    to individual tickets sold, but rather to the thousands of GOSD participants who
    do so from a charter boat under a onetime license fee paid by the charter boat
  • The Ontario Toyota Dealers Association donates our well-equipped 4Runner Great
    Grand Prize and many fishing industry manufacturers also supply prizing for the derby
    and, in return the GOSD provides and pays for significant print and social media
    exposure for all our sponsors as well as providing valuable discounted and/or contra
    exhibit space at our consumer shows.
  • The entire $115,500 of total cash payout over the 7 weeks of the Derby is raised through
    ticket sales and charter boat licenses. The $5,000 payout for the 2018 Championship
    Shootout is sponsored by Islander Precision Reels. Another $22,000 per week of fishing
    related product prizing is donated by our industry sponsors.

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