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WEEK 2 DAY 6 GOSD 2018

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Another new Leader, Malcolm Jarvis aboard Great Blue Sport Fishing has weighed in a 28.54 lb. Chinook in Whitby with one day left in Week 2 of the GOSD.
North shore action has started to pick up and matures were entered from most weigh-in stations today. With SE winds in the forecast, I expect fishing will continue to improve.

For all you SUPER ticket holders the Jackpot is only dollars away from $17,000
The 3 leading Super ticket holders have entered Chinooks that exceed 25.75 lbs.

Best Location: Brighton to Bluffers
Best Lure: Spoons

For a full list of results visit our Raymarine Daily Updates Page

WEEK 2 DAY 5 GOSD 2018

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You certainly needed your COSTA Sunglasses today.Mid Lake anglers were greeted with a long slow roll from the east this morning that pushed in some bait and Chinooks. There was a very good morning bite down 50 – 70 feet.
This evening our RAYMARINE 9”AXIOM multifunction display showed balls of bait and scattered kings from 50 -120 down. We have a new weekly leader and also the first top 10 fish from Hamilton.

Best Location: Bluffers & Hamilton
Best Lure: Assortment

For a full list of results visit our Raymarine Daily Updates Page

WEEK 2 DAY 4 GOSD 2018

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Week 2 Day 4 GOSD 2018

As predicted northerly winds have cleared away the humidity and have scattered the matures that were just starting to feed on newly arrived bait fish.
We did have a few entries this morning but only one fish, weighed in at Bronte made the board.
Connie Huffman who always seems to qualify in the top 70 winners made a trip into the beautiful Cobourg Marina this morning…but sorry Connie, your king was just a touch shy of making the leaderboard. Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of Connie and her husband Jim.

Best Location: Bronte & Cobourg
Best Bait: Flasher/Fly

For a full list of results visit our Raymarine Daily Updates Page

WEEK 2 DAY 3 GOSD 2018

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We have a new Week 2 Leader with a 27.98 lb. Chinook. Just when things were starting to happen on the north shore Mother Nature decided to throw us a few thunderstorms followed by unfortunate North and NW winds.

The GOSD is fortunate to have a great list of very qualified Charter operators that have purchased a Charter Boat ticket. It gives anyone fishing from that vessel the opportunity to enter their salmon into the Derby. Ian Britton captain of Kings On The Run Sportfishing hooked Elise Majoran up to a big Chinook yesterday a 27.60 lb beauty. Ian and his crew were successful last year and placed first in the Charter Boat Standings of the GOSD.

Best Location: Bluffers
Best Lure: Meat


WEEK 2 DAY 2 GOSD 2018

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With Week 1 in the books, all the Top 10 winners from last week will be invited to the ISLANDER CHAMPIONSHIP SHOOTOUT on September 15 at Port Credit Village Marina.
$5,000 courtesy of Islander is up for grabs. Should you wish to a $20 Calcutta could have you taking home more cash.

A host of changes to the Raymarine top 10 leaderboard tonight with Elise Majoran now the Week 2 leader with a 27.60 Chinook. But let’s not candy coat it the fishing has been difficult from mid-Lake and into the western basin. Rumour has it our American friends have been enjoying a better bite.
Don’t despair bait fish have been creeping back to the north shore with good sightings of bait balls in Cobourg today. Those hungry mature won’t be far behind.

Best Location: Bluffers and Whitby
Best Lure: Spoons and Flasher/Fly


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Congratulations to 16 year old Elle Baron of Scarborough who’s 22.40 lb. Chinook has captured the first ever GOSD Jr. Angler award.Elles Salmon gobbled down a fly in 180 ft. of water off the Bluffs.
Elle will be presented $600 in gift certificates courtesy of GAGNON’S SPORTS and JB’s FISHING DEPOT at the GOSD awards on September 15 at Saddington Park in Port Credit.

Below Pete and Elle pose with the
Winning Salmon.

WEEK 2 DAY 1 GOSD 2018

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We would like to thank all the Jr. Anglers that took part in the first ever GOSD Jr.Angler Day. We have not heard from 1 weigh-in station today so our Raymarine Daily results will be UNOFFICIAL until we can confirm their entries.
We will then crown our GOSD Jr. Angler for 2018.

SUPER ticket bulletin…the 3 leading Super ticket holders entries all exceed 24.50 lbs!

Best Location: Bluffers and Newcastle
Best Lure: Flasher/flies & Meat

WEEK 1 DAY 7 GOSD 2018

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Steve Lombardi has been anxiously sitting atop the Raymarine Daily Update Board since last Saturday. Steve is now the UNOFFICIAL winner of Week 1 of the GOSD. If his Chinook passes an internal check and his fishing partners Derby ticket can be verified tomorrow morning the results will become official.
Steve will be guaranteed a cheque for $10,000, but he could win the 2018 TOYOTA 4RUNNER if his salmon is still the heaviest entry at the conclusion of the 50 day GOSD.
Does Steve hold a SUPER TICKET ??
If he does he could end up sharing in part of the over $16,000 jackpot.

Good luck tomorrow too all of our Jr.Anglers that have purchased a ticket and will be competing in tomorrow’s first ever Jr.Angler Day.

Best Location: Port Credit and Whitby
Best Lure: Mixed Bag


For a full list of results visit our Raymarine Daily Updates page!

WEEK 1 DAY 6 GOSD 2018

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Wow, one more sleepless night for Steven Lombardi who leads the first week of the GOSD with his 31.18 lb. Chinook. I wonder if he holds a SUPER TICKET as the jackpot now exceeds $16,000..

Don’t forget this Saturday is Jr. Angler Day and one lucky angler between the ages of 8 and 16 who enters the heaviest salmon by 8pm Saturday, July 14th is going to be presented $600 in gift cards courtesy of JB’s FISHING DEPOT and GAGNON’S SPORTS.
Special Jr. Angler tickets must be purchased BEFORE Saturday for this one-day event.

I don’t know if anyone’s paying attention but Jenni and Danny at our new weigh-in station, Harbourview Marina in Brighton added 2 more heavyweights to the Raymarine Daily leaderboard today and now 4 of the top 10 salmon have come from Scotch Bonnet.


For a full list of results visit our Raymarine Daily Updates page!