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WEEK 7 DAY 1 GOSD 2018

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Better get out there, multiple entries from most ports with widespread rumours of chewed off bait heads hooks and disappearing flies. Don’t discount very shallow water especially early and late in the day as several matures were landed in less than 40 feet. A RAPALA J13 took a beauty today.

They must have heard me talking about the poor success that was coming out of Bronte this year as it was definitely the hot spot today.
We now have 60 of our top 70 for the 2018 ISLANDER CHAMPIONSHIP SHOOTOUT that will take place at the Credit Village Marina on Saturday, September 15th. Followed by Pizza Pizza, Beverages from Molson and the GOSD Awards.

We will be announcing an awesome draw prize that will be presented to a GOSD ticket holder who has NOT been fortunate enough to be in the top 70. To qualify you’ll have to bring your 2018 GOSD ticket to the awards day to enter the draw. You will have to be present to WIN.

Several GOSD Chinook entries went under the knife today as random checks continue.
Several that I checked were loaded with partially digested bait fish, take the hint the bait was small.

Best Location: Bronte
Best Lure: MC Rocket and flies

WEEK 6 DAY 7 GOSD 2018

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Rough seas and the constant threat of thunderstorms kept anglers either onshore or watching the sky.
Chris Curry called me with an interesting story today. Chris is a hard-working member of the Metro East Anglers Association and is the big cheese when it comes to the very important Bluffers pen project.
He was aboard the SURE THING SPORTFISHING  Charter today helping captain Vito Cirone with a group of guys that were visiting from Chicago and attending a bachelor event. The group landed an honest 27 lb. Chinook but were insistent on releasing all their fish including what would have been a 6th-week prize winner.

Looks like the $10,000…Sorry Parker, CANADIAN $ from Week 6 of the GOSD is going South of the border in the pocket of 14-year-old Parker Knowlton who’s originally from Santa Barbara California but now resides in Virginia. Parker and his family will be making a stop on his way home to fish for walleye in Lake Erie.
I wonder if there’s any tournament money he can win there… tariff-free!

Best Location: Bronte
Best Lure: Meat

WEEK 6 DAY 6 GOSD 2018

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And what a day it’s been…dynamite fishing in most locations.
With the threat of rain and thunderstorms looming, mature Chinooks made their way into shallow water today waiting for Mother Nature to give them the signal to run our north shore rivers.
I’m afraid the result isn’t great for last nights leader Tony Bolger. Tony is one of the GOSD’s most decorated anglers and with a Top 10 position this week he will have been in the top 70 no less than 5 times since 2015.

Today belonged to the very excited 14-year-old, Parker Knowlton from Santa Barbara California. While visiting Toronto, the Knowlton family chartered WE POUND’EM SPORTFISHING with captain Ryan Hare and after a lengthy struggle off the Bluffs, Parker landed the new weekly leading 29.12 lb. Chinook.
Not too far down the Lake in Newcastle, avid female angler Michaela Goulbourne who has documented her hunt for a GOSD worthy Chinook since day 1 of #gosd18 on Instagram @fishergirl_ had her persistence pay off while fishing with Scott Richardson on SCOTTY’S SPORTFISHING. Michaela was rewarded with a 27.78 lb. mature and has found a spot on the RAYMARINE daily updates board with 1 day remaining in week 6.

If your entry was held by any of the weigh-in stations today that we’re keeping fish for random internal examinations please pick up your fish at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

Best Location: Bluffers, Newcastle, Cobourg & Bronte.
Best Lure: Flasher/ Green Fly,MC Rocket & Meat

WEEK 6 DAY 5 GOSD 2018

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Wow… another close call eh Tony!
Finally tonight we’ve received another top 10 Chinook from Bronte. I realize this hasn’t been a typical year on Lake Ontario. But as I tabulate results from different weigh-in stations and compare this year to past years, where are those entries from Bronte?

Generally, the Bronte trolling grounds hold some of Lake Ontario’s heaviest Chinooks and some of the GOSD premier anglers target that area. SO FAR only 2 of our 50 winners have come from the beautiful Bronte Outer Harbour Marina weigh-in station.
Where are those entries, Chris Miller, Brent Letual, Tyler Lancaster, John Nixon,
Ed Newton, George Dede’s and of course the Urbanski’s.
“Come on let’s get at it”.

Best Location: Cobourg
Best Lure: Flasher/Meat

WEEK 6 DAY 4 GOSD 2018

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Week 6 Day 4 GOSD 2018
Before I was honoured to be selected from the 3,678,435 applicants to help with the GOSD several years ago I was an addicted Lake Ontario Salmon troller. But even with 11 days left in the Derby as there are now I still had the confidence that making the Top 10 board was only a matter of time mixed in with patience and the odd extra hour here and there.
After all, there were still 2 full weekends remaining and I had anticipated that big Chinooks would be honing in on north shore rivers mouths before their final journey and one of them would make a mistake and take a swipe at my offering.
There was a point however when severe desperation and panic began to set in. I started calendar watching, I realized the days were getting shorter, I cursed after every bite off, broken line or missed strike,I was changing lures and bait presentation so much that when I finally sat down to drive the boat I forgot what I was running.I’d be at the boat ramp earlier and staying later. I couldn’t even think of the fact that if I didn’t get a qualifying salmon it would be almost a calendar year before my next chance.
Every year I subconsciously had that day imprinted in my mind and yes it’s coming this Friday when the big ferris wheel starts rotating at the CNE.
-Bill Barootes
GOSD Manager

WEEK 6 DAY 1 GOSD 2018

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What a beauty of a day for chasing Lake Ontario Chinooks. Matures were weighed in at most Locations. We still have 2 full weeks remaining in the GOSD remembering that the last week has a bonus day and ends Saturday, August 25th at 8pm.
It was only a short 2 years ago when veteran Lake Ontario angler George Dedes got his reward for all the time he dedicated to Lake Ontario and landed the Derby winning fish near Bronte with only hours remaining.
This year has certainly been an anomaly, very difficult to find a pattern. The weather has also moved fish on a daily basis, shallow, then deep, one Port one day then gone the next. Keep at it ticket holders because there’s one thing for sure, there’s still 20 cash positions to be filled and a very well equipped 2018 TOYOTA 4RUNNER that’s only 31.20 pounds away.

Best Location: Bluffers & Cobourg
Best Lure: Spoons

WEEK 5 DAY 7 GOSD 2018

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Northeasterly winds chased anglers to shore early today. Light north wind is in tomorrow’s forecast.

Remember last Saturday’s post when I said that Kyle Vanderlinde could become the highest paid babysitter of the year.
Well, it’s come to fruition, Kyle’s 29.84 lb. Chinook that he packed in his IGLOO cooler with ice last Saturday night because the Derby weigh-in stations had closed (8pm) has earned himself $10,000 as the winner of Week 5 of the GOSD.
The night of Kyle’s babysitting duties, Kyle left the ice packed cooler in his kitchen overnight. The problem is with all the excitement Kyle didn’t properly install the drainage plug and now Kyle and his Fiancé have $10,000 and an indoor swimming pool.

Best Location: N/A
Best Lure: N/A

WEEK 5 DAY 6 GOSD 2018

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Week 5  is coming to an end tomorrow at 8pm and now that the rains have subsided the action has picked up. A couple of brutes were added to the Raymarine top 10 leaderboard today and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the same trend tomorrow.

So with this weeks Top 10 well within reach and it being Friday…oh you don’t look well, I think you’re coming down with something. Maybe you should take a sick day tomorrow. Get it?

Best Location: Bluffers and Pickering
Best Lure: Spoons

WEEK 5 DAY 5 GOSD 2018

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Although we may experience another shower or two, it looks like the big rains have finally tailed off and the forecast is stable and mostly sunny through until next Tuesday.
The next wave of mature Chinooks undoubtedly will hang around major river mouths.

Now we can get back to the task at hand, getting on that RAYMARINE leaderboard and securing some cash, prizes and an invitation to the ISLANDER Championship Shootout.

Let’s not panic yet, we still have 3 full weekends to go and it only takes 1 bite, a line stretching line screaming run, a steady retrieve with no slack line, a first swipe netting job and then …euphoria.
“Go get em”

Best Location: N/A
Best Lure: N/A

WEEK 5 DAY 4 GOSD 2018

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We do have an entry from Newcastle today, however, due to a technical problem we did not receive today’s report. We will get the results tomorrow morning and update the board if the entry is top 10 worthy.

With so many Top 10 fish being entered by our Charter Boat Ticket holders this year we thought it would be a good time for an update of their tournament.
The GOSD awards the captain of the 3 Charter Boat ticketed vessels that enter the 3 heaviest Chinook over the course of the 50-day Derby. The fish could be entered by a client, friend, relative or crew member etc.
The Vessel is the ticket holder and ANYONE who fishes from that vessel is eligible to enter a Salmon into the Derby. You have to be fishing from that vessel, it is NOT transferable.

Standings as of Monday, August 6th at 8pm.
1st    place $3,000              29.84 lbs.     Dutchies Sportfishing      Kyle Vanderlinde
2nd  place $2,000              28.54 lbs.     Great Blue Sportfishing   Malcolm Jarvis
3rd   place $1,000               28.46 lbs.                                                 Neil Wood

Now you’re going to ask why we don’t have a Charter Boat name for Neil Wood.
Neil like other recreational anglers in our Derby purchased a Charter Boat Ticket to ensure that everyone that he has on his boat is covered for the duration of the Derby.

Best Location : Newcastle
Best Lure : N/A