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I’m sure as I write this several of you might be trolling the western basin hoping to find some spring kings. The Easter weekend rains however might convince more of us to tune up tackle, spool some reels and tie some of our favourite flies.

On Saturday, April 20th I attended  the Pro Tackle Walleye/ Salmon seminar in Belleville where Al Van Heusen and Pro Tackle proprietor Stacy were kind enough to let me speak about the 2019 GOSD. As I traveled to the walleye capitol of Ontario this morning I was concerned as to how much of the audience would in fact be salmon trollers given how popular the Bay of Quinte is for walleye. Much to my surprise the packed house was a 50/50 split.

The 2019 prize page has been updated highlighted by added prizing and more cash. We’ve doubled the 2nd place weekly money to $2,000 and have added $500 to 3rd place. 6TH place through 10th has increased by $100 and great prizing that previously ended at 5th place now extends to all weekly top 10 winners.  If you haven’t already please click here to take a look at our new prize page so you can see exactly what is up for grabs this summer

If you’re a Charter Boat/ Boat ticket holder a beautiful Garmin Quatix 5 Sapphire watch that has extraordinary capabilities will accompany the cash awarded for 1st ,2nd and 3rd place. Retail value of each watch is $1,100.

Thank you to all the north shore associations and their volunteers who are guarding and caring for our future Chinooks in multiple pens across the province. I truly hope Mother Nature will be kind to us until they’re released.

On a sad note, for those of you who aren’t aware the former Chairman & CEO  of Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows, Walter Oster passed away suddenly in March of 2019. Walter was determined to bring a salmon fishing event back to Ontario and 23 years ago under the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show came the very first Great Ontario Salmon Derby. This exciting annual summer event has brought joy to a great majority of us enthusiastic salmon anglers and has distributed cash, cars, boats, trips and valuable prizes with the help of our generous sponsors to hundreds of participants from Ontario and around the world. All while supporting the Lake Ontario Salmon fishery.
Thank you Walter.

Bill Barootes
Tournament Manager

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