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Week 2

GOSD 2019 – Week 2 Day 7 Update – July 12

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Well Keryanne Gagnon from Montreal, with so much time still remaining in this years GOSD, I have no idea whether your 32.50 lb. UNOFFICIAL winner of Week 2 will have you or parents driving back to Montreal in the new 2019 TOYOTA 4RUNNER.
I can say though once the Week 2 results are finalized tomorrow morning that even if a heavier salmon is entered over the final 5 weeks of the Derby, you’re going to be $10,000 wealthier.
Also, Congratulations to Charter Captain Shawn Banks, Homewrecker Charters is now the leader in the GOSD GARMIN Charter Boat / Boat Tournament. It has been confirmed that Homewrecker Charters has working Garmin electronics on board and Shawn will be eligible to win a bonus $ 500 as a result of having the Weekly Winner landed on his vessel.

There’s always chatter about the Bluffs but Newcastle has been on fire for big fish this week.
A good bite was evident in most locations today, lets hope our Junior Anglers have some fun tomorrow.

Best Lure: Everything
Best Location: Bronte east to Newcastle

Rapala Angler of the Week;   Congratulations Daniel McIntyre who has won a $1,000 tackle pack courtesy of RAPALA

GOSD 2019 – Week 2 Day 6 Update – July 11

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The seas weren’t very friendly today but it stirred up a few Chinooks and those anglers that stuck it out were rewarded.Especially avid angler 20 year old Rhody Shiel from Arizona who landed a 27.72 lb. Chinook aboard Epic Sportfishing with Captain Aaron Flavel.
Rhody ‘s Chinook has found a comfortable spot on the Raymarine Top 10 leader board along with Sian Capobianco’s 27.78 lb. Salmon boated on Myles Ahead Sportfishing with Captain Jeff Dickert.

Our new back up plan was put to the test last night. All our weigh-in stations sent in their daily reports and we posted according to the information that we received. An honest mistake was made when a slip was left in a gas dock office and didn’t get included in last nights results. Tyler Harnum had followed the correct protocol after weighing in his fish and had taken a LEGIBLE photo with his cell phone of his weigh-in station receipt. The photo was sent to gosd@sportshows.ca and the leader board was corrected within minutes and verified this morning.

Jr. Angler day is nearly upon us and if you’re planning on purchasing special $25 Jr. Angler tickets tomorrow will be your last chance.

Best Lure: Bluffers & Whitby
Best Location: Meat & Flasher / Fly

Bill Barootes
Tournament Manager

GOSD 2019 – Week 2 Day 5 Update – July 10

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East was the location today with a Raymarine leader board worthy King being weighed in at Wellers Bay Campground.It snapped up a Derby sponsor Freedom Cutbait Herring Plug in 80′ of water.We had a couple of other entries that fell ounces shy of the top 10.

Best Lure: FREEDOM Cutbait Herring Plug
Best Location:  Wellers Bay, Cobourg

Bill Barootes
Tournament Manager

GOSD 2019 – Week 2 Day 4 Update – July 9

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We’ve seen some awesome photographs of Chinooks on social media over the first few days of the Derby. Several of them in fact could fetch you some cash. Check out where it says FREEDOM Tackle photo contest, its easy to enter and all you need is a valid Derby ticket or be on a GOSD Charter. Any size Chinook, surely you can catch one, and a FREEDOM Tackle Herring Cutbait trolling Lure. Although that bait can really catch fish (I like the green dot glow) it doesn’t mean the Chinook has to be caught on it to enter, it only has to be incorporated into the photo.  Click Here for the details on the  photo contest!
This Saturday is Junior Anglers Day, what a great day to have our youth as part of the Derby. They may not land the big one but there’s a great opportunity to get a few pictures and enter the Freedom Tackle photo contest.
The protocol for entering a Chinook on Junior Anglers Day is different than the daily tournament so make sure you are familiar with the process and please make sure the kids are wearing approved PFD.
Click here for the protocol for Junior Angler Day
Best Lure: Flasher/ green fly
Best Location: Bronte
Bill Barootes
Tournament Manager

GOSD 2019 – Week 2 Day 3 Update – July 8

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Keryanne Gagnon from Montreal QC. headed out of Newcastle this morning in hopes of catching a Lake Ontario salmon.She was trolling a LJ Vortex flasher behind a dipsy diver on Homewrecker Charters captained by Shawn Banks when a giant Chinook attacked her bait.T he salmon had the line counter reel reading 800 feet before slowly giving way to Keryanne. The brute was whisked away to the Newcastle weigh-in station and officially weighed in at 32.50 lbs.
Keryanne is a Canadian citizen and is not required to carry an Ontario Outdoors Card until she’s 18 years of age.
I’m not to sure what the minimum driving age is in Quebec, but if I were her I’d certainly be inquiring about driving lessons.
If Keryanne’s fish turns out to be a Weekly Winner the next question will be if Shawn Banks, captain of Homewrecker Charter has any built in GARMIN electronics on board. It could earn him an extra $500.
Best Lure : LJ Vortex Flasher
Best Location: Newcastle
Bill Barootes
Tournament Manager

GOSD 2019 – Week 2 Day 2 Update – July 7

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I know what all you mid lake and western basin participants are saying today. Why did we have to have that uncomfortable east wind on a weekend when I planning on winning the Derby. Well look at it this way, our poor participants at the east end of the lake are constantly battling Ontario’s predominant westerlies and today they caught a break. Once these easterlies settle down it should be interesting to see how the bite affected. My wife says I’m never right about anything but I think we’re going to hear more drags screaming.

I’m not sure if you noticed but the Raymarine top 10 board was altered earlier today to correct the weight of 2 fish that were weighed in yesterday. Last night we received the weigh-in receipts from Bluffers, there were 2 fish weighed by Wrangler Charters. All of us at the  GOSD read the weights from the entries as 28.96 and 28.76. This morning I received a call from Wrangler Captain and repeat top 70 GOSD winner Paul Turnbull who corrected us. The penmanship led us to interpret the 4’s as 8’s. We thank you for your honesty and bringing it to our attention Paul. Both fish remained on the board but the weights were corrected to 24.96 lbs. and 24.76 lbs.

Congratulations Michaela Goulbourne who’s our Week 2 BERKLEY BIG FISH winner. Michaela was fishing on Scotty’s Sportfishing and her 27.12 lb. Chinook was caught on a GIBBS Kingfisherll White Flasher and Rhys Davis Bait Head. Michaela’s Chinook has won her a$1,000 prize pack courtesy of BERKLEY.

Best Lure: Gibbs Kingfisherll White Flasher/ Rhys Davis Bait Head
Best Location: Bluffers & Bomanville

Bill Barootes
Tournament Manager

GOSD 2019 – Week 2 Day 1 Update – July 6

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We have now confirmed the Raymarine top 10 Winners from Week 1. All our 70 winners will be invited to fish in the Islander Championship Shootout on Saturday, August 24th just one week after the conclusion of the Derby to win part of the available $5,000.
It didn’t take long after my 9am arrival at Bluffer’s this morning to examine Ryan Blowes Week 1 winning 29.38lb. Chinook when Warren Snow of Orangeville showed up at the scale with a smile like a cat that had just swallowed a canary.
His beautiful silver Chinook fell just shy of the Derby lead and officially weighed 29.36 lbs.
The bite was better today and the forecast is for dry and relatively stable weather for the next few days.
Tomorrow is the last day for license free fishing week in Ontario during the Derby.
Make sure EVERYONE on your vessel has a valid GOSD ticket.The SUPER TICKET jackpot has now exceeded $15,400 and tomorrow is Berkley Big Fish Sunday.
Best Lure : Meat
Best Location: Bluffers, Newcastle
Bill Barootes
Tournament Manager