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GOSD 2019 – Week 7 Day 4 Update – August 13

By August 13, 2019 Week 7

Remember I expressed that there was no need to panic and that there was still plenty of time remaining in the 2019 Derby. Well if you haven’t secured a spot on the Raymarine Top 10 Leader Board yet you can start to panic NOW. For starters you’re going to have to change your luck, get rid of that unlucky hat you’ve been sweating in for the last 6 weeks, turn your underwear inside out unless you’ve been wearing the same pair for as long as you’ve been wearing the hat, then it might be time for a fresh pair. I keep preaching salmon sandwiches for lunch and check every compartment in your boat before you leave the dock to make sure no one has planted the ever so unlucky banana in it. If you haven’t made the board by Friday night take a banana with you on Saturday, Rob Carnie does.

Austin LeVan had 2 wishes for this week, wind and cold water…he has certainly been granted the latter.

Best Lure: Spoons
Best Location: Whitby & Cobourg

Bill Barootes, Tournament Manager



***If you have been fortunate to have finished in the top 10 in any of the previous Weeks of the 2019 GOSD please email Tustin at gosd@sportshows.ca and let him know if you will be fishing in the ISLANDER Championship Shootout on Saturday August 24th for a chance to win $2,000,$1,500 $1,000 or $500. Don’t forget to bring an extra $20 if you want to enter the calcutta and share in the jackpot****

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