August 22, 2021

Multi Port Event

 The GOSD Awards day will not take place this year out of respect of the current COVID restrictions and regulations. Instead the ISLANDER SHOOTOUT will be a multi port event. This event will be for GOSD Weekly winners and the top ten winners of the Walter Oster Jr. Angler day only. Participants will be able to fish out of their own Canadian  port on Lake Ontario and weigh in at any of the GOSD Official Weigh in Stations.

All derby rules apply.

6:00 am – The fish-off begins from the Canadian Port of your choice on Lake Ontario.

12:00 pm – The fish-off officially ends , all lines must be out of the water by 12:00pm.

1:00 pm –  All contending Chinook Salmon must be weighed in at a official GOSD weigh in station by 1:00 pm.

8:00 pm – the winners will be announced on the GOSD website and on our social channels by 8:00 pm. Winners will be contacted the following week to make arrangements to receive their prizes.



There’s a journey in fishing. It starts when you are young when it’s about catching as many fish as possible. Then on to bigger fish. Then the biggest. But there comes a point when your journey takes a turn. Family comes along. Quality time on the water replaces size and quantity. Watching your children—and grandchildren—go through the same journey you did is now your ultimate prize.

At Islander, we ourselves are at various stages of that trip, but what we all agree on is that we want our equipment to be along for the whole ride. That’s why precision matters. That’s why quality matters. It’s why we build in house on Vancouver Island. We want our journeys and yours to turn into legacies passed on through memories and the reels themselves.

So next time your rod dips, the single action starts spinning and the reel sings, know that we at Islander are happy to have helped you take your next step.


Islander Reels has been manufacturing precision fishing reels since 1991. Islander is a division of J.S. Foster Corporation, a production machine shop located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada that uses modern C.N.C. lathes and machining centers.

As a family owned and operated business that employs over 50 people, J.S. Foster has been committed to local manufacturing since it was founded by Joseph Foster over 45 years ago.

Through a close working relationship with J.S. Foster, Islander Reels combines a tradition of quality and integrity with its own ingenuity and commitment to excellence. This ensures precision and quality in every Islander reel. Islander’s staff are directly involved in each phase of production from conceptual design to finishing touches, a process that has been improved at every level through comments and suggestions from pro and amateur fishers alike.


1. Jason Noble – Port Credit – 31.92 lbs.

2. Ryan Quinn – Cobourg – 28.14 lbs.

3. Gary Hodge – Whitby – 26.92 lbs.

4. Tristan Giordmaina – Port Credit – 26.68 lbs.


The Great Ontario Salmon Derby official rules apply to the Islander Championship Multi Port Shootout.

In addition the following rules apply to this Shootout;

This event is for GOSD 2021 Weekly Prize winners ,  The Top Ten Walter Oster Jr. Anglers and the Great Grand Prize winner. No other GOSD participants are allowed to weigh a fish in this Shootout. There are no alternates or substitutes  allowed to take the place of a qualifying Islander Shootout participant.

Each Shootout participant is allowed one (1) other individual on the boat to assist with driving , netting , and the clearing of the participants second line if necessary. Only Shootout participants are allowed to have lines in the water on the vessel they are on. Additional Spectators will be allowed on the vessel , however they cannot have lines in the water, assist with driving , netting, setting or clearing lines.

Only Shootout participants are allowed  two (2) lines in the water per participant.

Participants in the Shootout cannot leave the dock before 6 am. on the day of the Shootout.  Participants can leave from the Canadian port of their choice on Lake Ontario.

Only Chinook Salmon qualify to be weighed in to Islander Shootout for each participant. Your Salmon must be caught and weighed in during the designated hours of the Islander Shootout.

Your one (1) fish must be weighed in at a official GOSD weigh in station by 1:00pm on the day of the Shootout. Fished weighed in after 1:00 pm. will be disqualified.

Cash Prizes are for the Heaviest Chinook Salmon caught during the Shootout;

Heaviest Chinook $2,000

2nd Heaviest Chinook $1,000

3rd Heaviest Chinook   $500

4th Heaviest Chinook   $500


Regular GOSD Rules  also apply to the Islander  Championship Multiport Shootout.

All awards shall be made final by the Director of the Great Ontario Salmon Derby.