The 2024 YETI Multiport Shootout will held on Lake Ontario August 25th, 2024. Boats can leave the dock at 6:00 am and fish must be weighed in by 1:00 pm on August 25th, 2024. All GOSD rules apply, see YETI Shootout rules for all other details.


The Great Ontario Salmon Derby official rules apply to the YETI Multi Port Shootout. In addition the following rules apply to this Shootout;

This event is for GOSD weekly winners, Junior Angler Division Winners, Walter Oster Junior Angler winners and the Great Grand Prize winners. No other GOSD participants are allowed to weigh a fish in this Shootout. There are no alternates or substitutes allowed to take the place of a qualifying Shootout participant.

Each Shootout participant is allowed one (1) other individual on the boat to assist with driving , netting , and the clearing of the participants second line if necessary. Only Shootout participants are allowed to have lines in the water on the vessel they are on. Additional Spectators will be allowed on the vessel , however they cannot have lines in the water, assist with driving , netting, setting or clearing lines.

Only Shootout participants are allowed two (2) lines in the water per participant.

Participants in the Shootout cannot leave the dock before 6 am. on the day of the Shootout. Participants can leave from the Canadian port of their choice on Lake Ontario.

Only Salmon qualify to be weighed in the Shootout for each participant. Your Salmon must be caught and weighed in during the designated hours of the Shootout.

Your one (1) fish must be weighed in at a official GOSD weigh in station by 1:00pm on the day of the Shootout. Fished weighed in after 1:00 pm. will be disqualified.

Cash Prizes are for the Heaviest Salmon caught during the Shootout;

Heaviest Salmon $2,000 plus a YETI prize.

2nd Heaviest Salmon $1,000

3rd Heaviest Salmon $500

4th Heaviest Salmon $500

Regular GOSD Rules also apply to the YETI Multiport Shootout.

All awards shall be made final by the Director of the Great Ontario Salmon Derby.